The Departure


The Departure is (currently) a transient art space created by artist and death literacy advocate Hayley West.  

The Departure is dedicated to death and all that remains; a space to ponder your own mortality, educate yourself on end of life matters, and encounter death themed artworks and events.

The Departure believes in empowering the community by sharing practical knowledge through exchange and generosity.

It's happening...

As I'm setting up shop, I'll be posting images regularly to Instagram @the.departure  

The Departure works as my studio, a gallery and a shop dedicated to death. As well as a practising artist I am a keen death literacy advocate with an interest in natural burial. I am a member of the Natural Death Advocacy Network and co-host Death Cafes here in Castlemaine.

For those out of town or across the world, Castlemaine is a small country town 90 minutes from Melbourne in the goldfields region of central Victoria in Australia. The Departure is a physical shop located in the highly visited tourist precinct at The Mill

The Departure is due to be launched during the Castlemaine State Festival 17-26 March, 2017.

And thanks Gavin from Chops For Tea for creating my fabulous logo, it was a really enjoyable collaborative process :)

Wish me luck! x Hayley

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